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New Goals

So I've been trying to toss around some new goals to accomplish. Although I don't feel like I have interest in many things, I have been making some small accomplishments. For example, for the first time ever, I am REALLY living on my own. It's a pretty wonderful feeling! Sure I took care of my finances without help from my family during uni, but I usually went home for the summer and even often kept my parents address as my main contact. Then, although I moved thousands of miles away, I was staying with my aunt and uncle and then Brett. Now I am on my own, have found wonderful roommates and have secured a little job, all on my own. I'm not making much and I'm still a little lonely, but I'm getting somewhere. Even if it's not as quick as I'd like, I am at least not crying every day like I was last year.

Anyway, goals.

So I was finishing moving in (ok, sort of a lie, I have one small bag left but all of the boxes are gone!) and looking at an old pamphlet that had been made as graduating seniors in high school. I found an excerpt of my goals, and despite not appearing on SNL, I had accomplished everything else on my list. A degree in international studies, working with a little graphic design, and living in Japan. I did it! And the funny part was that I did those things without remembering that they had been my goals in high school. I mean anyone that knows me knows that I switched my major 35u901347903 times and even as I was filling out my graduation papers, I switched it to International Studies as a last minute decision.

Seeing that pamphlet made me so happy!

So, although it's late, I want to make some goals. I really wish I had made some a few months before I graduated when I still had hope/ambition/dreams, but well, I can still make some :) Here we go!:

1.) Take the GRE (and do well, naturally)
WHY: Because having grad school as an option will help me make a decision about it
2.) If I go to grad school, NOT PAY FOR IT
WHY: I have told myself that I refuse to pay for it. Assistanceships (?), TA work, scholarship, grants - I don't care what it takes, I will not pay for it! I will not end up with the same student loan debt that freaks me out now.
3.) Explore grad school options.
WHY: What do I want to do? I have always wanted to work with the international community, but doing what? I'm actually tossing around the idea of doing grad school in Asia. Taiwan, China... it's probably time to learn Chinese. I'm not sure if I want to or not, but I know that with the way China is taking over the world, it would probably be very good to be able to feel comfortable with that culture. Plus I gave up on Spanish a long time ago haha ;)
4.) Continue DIY Projects
WHY: After cooking and exploring a career in culinary arts, my love has kinda wavered... but my desire to create has not. Since moving into my new room, I have painted, sanded, fixed, designed, and began to piece together my small accumulations into something peaceful and welcoming. It feels great! So I would like to continue fixing up old things and making them new. It's a pretty inexpensive hobby so I'm for it.
4.) Continue job hunting for something in HR
WHY: I love my job. But I am scraping by every month and with the student loans looming over me as well as a few debts here and there, the stress of my bank account may not be worth staying at this job for too long, no matter how much I like it.
5.)Explore Financial Advising.
WHY: I've always enjoyed math... the practical kind. In fact, I love things that have a practical use. And I also love advising people. It sounds sort of stressful (AKA loosing everyone's money....) but I think it would be something to look into. My mom always did say I'd make a great banker. Plus, I am really sick of being broke and feeling poor. It would be nice to figure out how to make and invest money in order to have a comfortable future and take care of my family. If I could make money maybe my family and I could take a vacation. I would love to be able to give them something like that.

Or I could just win the lottery :D
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